No Pedals No Brakes (One Game A Month - August)

Completing a project is such sweet sorrow.

On one hand, there's still some work to do getting ready for mobile releases, but on the other hand I have to wipe my hands clean of this one for the time being- though this isn't always the case.

I'm completing a single game (with a beginning and an end, hopefully) every month until August of next year 2019. This is my first installment. There is a lot right with the game and I think people will really enjoy it, but the real value is the learning experience of prototyping, getting core concepts down, and polishing.

NPNB started out as a physics based "trials" type game, but with mouse controls. For those OG's of the internet era, think Ski Stunt Simulator which was around during the early 2000's- I quickly realized trying to get a mechanic like that working within Unity's physics system in less than a month was something I was just not quite ready for yet- so it was shelved. In the interest of actually getting that mechanic working, though, I managed to place a 2D ragdoll on the bike, which made for some pretty naturally hilarious physics. I decided to feel out a "bridge puzzle" type game with this mechanic and the act of controlling the tools to get the bike from point A to point B turned out to be pretty rewarding- and so it was born.

Work begun on July 25 2018 and completed on August 15 2018.

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Aug 16, 2018

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